Grant Recipients

Grant Recipients

Tyler Stosich

rangerLook where this guy can go now. Tyler Stosich is the latest recipient of an I Run For Bob grant and we couldn’t be more excited for all the new adventures headed his way. Tyler is a high level C3-4 quadriplegic. Growing up in Montana, Tyler has always had a passion for hunting, fishing and exploring. Now, with this adaptive Polaris Ranger that his ingenious family and friends modified for him, he can once again get out and enjoyed Montana’s backcountry. We can’t wait to see where this takes you Tyler – let the games begin!

Matt Sather

Matt SatherIn September 2016, Matt Sather received an I Run For Bob grant that was used towards the purchase of the ‘Bomber’. It is designed for off-road mountain biking – something that is difficult to do with a hand cycle. Matt lives in Bigfork, MT and loves anything associated with the outdoors. Now with this great off-road bike, he can fish all the beautiful back country lakes and ride the trails with his buddies. Happy trails Matt


Lucy Keller

trike2In 2016 through the generous donation of the I Run for Bob Foundation and other friends I was given a custom made, recumbent, 3-wheeled bicycle. Before I became a paraplegic in 1978, I was able to ride my bike a lot. I have tried many adaptive activities through the years, but now my injury is 38 yrs old and I am limited more and more in my activity. I am an avid swimmer and when I am unable to get in the water, I can now enjoy the great outdoors on my bike. Every time I ride I thank God for the people who so generously provided my bike. She is yellow and her name is Kristen.
Thank you again for my wonderful gift.
Lucy Keller

Joe Stone

joeI want to thank the I Run For Bob Foundation from the bottom of my heart. They were there for me when I needed it most. You have definitely raised the quality of my life and are making my dream a reality. Thank you so very much.
Sincerely, Joe Stone

Missoula All Abilities Playground

PlaygroundI Run For Bob is a proud sponsor of the All-Abilities Playground ( completed in August 2014 in Missoula, MT. It’s a wonderful adaptive playground where kids, friends, and families with or without disabilities can play together. “Thanks to your support, you have helped make it possible for us to be a part of this very special project.”